Champion Sports Medicine Renews Lease, Expands Services

-- Industry Leader Furthers Commitment to Sports Performance and Industrial Athletes--

Birmingham, Ala.: Champion Sports Medicine is pleased to announce it has signed a multiyear lease renewal at St. Vincent’s Health System. In conjunction with the renewed lease, it is also expanding its sports performance and industrial athlete programs at this location, signaling its continued commitment to the athletes and industries of Alabama.

Champion Sports Medicine-St. Vincent’s is home to 15 team members offering physical therapy, occupational (hand) therapy, neurological rehabilitation, vestibular rehabilitation, dry needling, performance training and disability evaluations among its services and programs. The 10,000-square-foot facility is located at 805 St. Vincent’s Drive, Suite G100 in Birmingham.

“Champion Sports Medicine’s commitment to the city of Birmingham and the state of Alabama is unwavering,” said Jason Chambers, Regional Vice President, Operations, Select Medical. “This lease renewal, along with the growth of our team and investment in the newest technologies, will allow us to continue to provide first-in-class training and rehabilitation services for athletes of all skill levels.”

Some of the innovative technologies and programs at the Champion Sports Medicine-St. Vincent’s location include:

  • ACL Play-It-Safe™ and Run Safe™ Program: National injury prevention and performance advancement programs
  • AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill: State-of-the-art treadmill that allows return to running more quickly after knee injuries
  • Blood Flow Restriction Training: Technique that allows for quicker muscle repair following lower extremity injury or surgery
  • Norbord Hamstring Testing System: Testing and training system for prevention and treatment of hamstring injuries
  • ViPerform AMI: 3D biomechanical assessment for injury prevention and progression of rehabilitation following lower limb injury or surgery
  • DorsaVi Running Assessment: 3D biomechanical running assessment to aid in preventing injuries and improving performance.

As part of its expanded services, Champion Sports Medicine-St.Vincent’s is growing its commitment to the industrial athlete, which is anyone who makes a living using mental and physical talents to perform jobs that require skill, strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance – just like an athlete.

“Champion Sports Medicine-St.Vincent’s is the premier industrial rehabilitation center in Birmingham,” said Barbara Key, Business Development Manager, Champion Sports Medicine. “Our comprehensive Work Strategies Program is a partnership with local employers and insurers that focuses on injury prevention, physical rehabilitation and treatment, and return to work. Ultimately, we hope to reduce the cost to employers associated with workplace injuries.”

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About Champion Sports Medicine
Founded in 2004 by Kevin Wilk, P.T., DPT, FAPTA, Champion Sports Medicine is a known leader in sports medicine and part of the Select Medical Outpatient Division, a nationally prominent, locally driven provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation. Champion's comprehensive sports medicine network is the largest in the state of Alabama with 25 outpatient centers, 50 licensed athletic trainers, 50 physical therapists and five collegiate and 40 high school partnerships. Through our years of commitment to the physicians, coaches and patients of Alabama, Champion Sports Medicine is the chosen provider of some of the top local and professional athletes and #WhereTheProsGo for physical therapy services.