Sports Safety Collaboration Kicks Off in Walker County

(04.05.18) Jasper, Alabama - An innovative sports safety and injury prevention collaboration has launched in Walker County between the state's leader in sports medicine and outpatient rehabilitation, and a top orthopedic & sports medicine practice.

Champion Sports Medicine and Southern Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Associates have implemented two programs for all Walker County High School Athletes:

  • ACL Play it Safe Program™ includes a standardized exercise kit, standardized exercise progression and app with videos of the exercises to address the movement patterns known to put athletes at risk for injury.
  • ViPerform AMI™ Movement Analysis utilizes state-of-the-art wearable movement sensors that can identify deficiencies in functional movement to reduce injury.

These services and evidence-based injury prevention technology, currently used by high school, collegiate and professional athletes nationally, are all being made available to Walker County student-athletes with the goal of making Alabama one of the safest place in the country to play sports.

"It is well documented that the majority of athletic injuries are non-contact in orientation", says Mayfield Armstrong, Director of Sports Medicine Outreach, Champion Sports Medicine. "We know if we can identify those student-athletes at risk and provide training that we not only reduce injury rates but also improve athletic performance."

"Champion Sports Medicine has set the standard for sports medicine across the country," said Jeffrey S. Cuomo MD, Southern Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Associates. "We are proud and excited to have the opportunity to assist our local school system by providing these innovative programs to advance the health of athletes in Walker County."

About Champion Sports Medicine
Founded in 2004 by Kevin Wilk, P.T., DPT, FAPTA, Champion Sports Medicine is a known leader in sports medicine and part of the Select Medical Outpatient Division, a nationally prominent, locally driven provider of outpatient physical rehabilitation. Champion's comprehensive sports medicine network is the largest in the state of Alabama with 25 outpatient centers, 50 licensed athletic trainers, 50 physical therapists and five collegiate and 40 high school partnerships. Through our years of commitment to the physicians, coaches and patients of Alabama, Champion Sports Medicine is the chosen provider of some of the top local and professional athletes and #WhereTheProsGo for physical therapy services.

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About Southern Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Associates
Southern Orthopedics was founded in 1984 by Dr. Kendall C. Vague and has since grown to a five-man practice offering the latest technological advances in comprehensive orthopedic care including joint replacement, trauma and spine surgery, arthroscopy and sports medicine.

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