Patient Success Stories

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"I came to Champion Sports Medicine after I had neck surgery. My experience with Jared was great; he went out of his way to enhance my therapy sessions. The entire team is wonderful, friendly and they treat you just like family. Since starting therapy, I can now lift my arms easier and continue my usual work around the house. I'm looking forward to getting back to all my favorite activities!"

Nafeteria standing next to her therapist.


"When I first came to Champion Sports Medicine, I had very limited range of motion and was in a lot of pain. I was unable to flex or curl my toes or walk without a limp. I am now able to fully flex my toes in both directions, curl them, walk and run without any problems.

Matt Kellum, P.T., DPT, and Beth Moore, patient service specialist, were so helpful and kind during my sessions. We began physical therapy in person before transitioning to telerehab virtual sessions. Matt and Beth were so great through the entire transition process and kept in touch to ensure I was taken care of. I was so happy that I was able to continue making progress with Matt virtually. We continued to progress my exercises and stretches and he made sure I understood what I was doing and why. I'm so glad I chose CSM!"

Shelby, smiling and giving the thumbs up.


"My team doctor at Shelton State recommended I come to see Susan Herrin, MPT, CMTPT, at Champion Sports Medicine in Tuscaloosa because of a shoulder injury I received during the last cheerleading season. I had a fantastic time every day I was here. I no longer feel pain and can play my sport and enjoy it. The staff was always supportive and helpful throughout my journey and I’m thankful for them."

Jack standing next to his therapist, both wearing masks.

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